Media Roundup Carver High Attack

Atlanta police: Fight at Carver school not hate crime (April 23, 2015 7:05 pm)

Atlanta students face charges for fight with gay classmates (Updated: Apr 23, 2015 7:23 AM EDT)

Gay Teen Speaks Out After Being Beaten And Slashed In The Face With Screwdriver At School While Principal Watched

No arrests in beating of two gay Carver HS students (5:56 a.m. April 23, 2015)

Gay student attacked at Atlanta school says he’s victim of constant bullying (April 22, 2015 6:53 pm)

Police: ‘Mob beating’ of gay teens didn’t happen 4/22/15 5:50pm EST

Atlanta gay teens attacked by large group of classmates (GA Voice)

APS, Atlanta police investigating attack on gay students at Carver (AJC)

2 gay students attacked, beaten at Atlanta school (Project Q)

Essex Hemphill Twitter Chat/Thursday 7pm EST


“Who dares tell us that we are poor and powerless? We keep treasure any king would count as dear.”

-Essex Hemphill

Thursday April 16, 2015 will mark the 58th birthday of poet, essayist, and activist Essex Hemphill. Join Counter Narrative for a twitter chat to discuss his work, impact, and lasting influence. The hashtag we will be using is #DearEssex  Some of the topics we will discuss include: 1) What blueprints are provided through Essex Hemphill’s poetry and essays to help us resist current manifestations of anti-blackness and the violence being committed against black bodies? 2) What are the implications of Essex Hemphill’s poems like “For My Own Protection,” and “The Occupied Territories,” in thinking through the particular forms of state violence committed against black gay men such as HIV/criminalization? 3) How has Essex Hemphill’s work impacted our current artistic and political landscape? 4) How can Essex Hemphill’s poetry be used to combat HIV stigma? 5) What does Essex Hemphill and his work mean to you? 6) How does the work of pro-feminist black gay men like Essex Hemphill provide tools for us to think through challenging patriarchy and masculine hegemony today? Please join us for what will be an incredible discussion. Hashtag: #DearEssex Date: Thursday April 16, 2015 Time: 7pm-8pm EST Click here for tips on participating in twitter chats:

Community Statement/Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson is a young black gay man in St. Charles, Missouri currently in jail and awaiting trial in May. He was arrested and has been charged under the state’s HIV criminalization law. We are going to issue a community statement/sign-on letter. If you’re interested in helping craft the statement, complete the doodle by Thursday April 2nd 5pm EST. Please note that the times on the doodle are in EST:


Our New “Impact” Working Group

The Counter Narrative Project​ is forming an Evaluation, Impact, Research, and Dissemination working group. Our intention for this working group is to support us in making the case for our impact (how we identify the kinds of data we collect, the process of collecting that data, evaluating our efforts, and telling the story of our work….. to our stakeholders)…. we also seek to advance new ways and paths forward in shaping how the field (movement) integrates innovation in black gay men’s community engagement, messaging, mobilization and training. We will ask big questions.

We are seeking folks with content expertise in evaluation, quant/qual research, communication, film, digital storytelling, archives, journalism, digital art, social media, and messaging to join this effort. Email me if you’re interested:

Black Gay Men and the State: HIV, Criminalization, and Michael Johnson

Black Gay Men and the State:
HIV, Criminalization, and Michael Johnson
A Twitter Teach-In
Wednesday March 25, 2015
7pm8pm EST
Come join us for our Twitter Teach-In where we will discuss HIV criminalization, black gay men, with a particular focus on what’s happening with Michael Johnson in Missouri.  
Please read “How College Wrestling Star ‘Tiger Mandingo’ Became An HIV Scapegoat” for background info:
Whose HIV Is It, Anyway?: Tiger Mandingo and Viral Responsibility
Tiger Mandingo & The Criminalization Of HIV
The Right to Hate
Black Gay Male Criminalization and the Case of Michael Johnson
Follow the Twitter Teach-In here:
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me:

Introducing the Counter Narrative Network

Greetings all. I’m looking to assemble a small but national team of leaders, content experts, advocates, artists, creative folks to help carry the work of Counter Narrative forward: The work of fighting for black gay men. I hope to bring together some of the most passionate and committed folks together to advance this vision. I am also seeking to build a diverse group, both in terms of background (I insist upon the engagement of allies) and in terms of skill and expertise.

These are very urgent times, and I want to build a network that can step up to the challenge with both passion and high performance. I won’t kid you: this will be hard work, and I won’t take it personally if you’re not interested in being a part of this journey with me. This will be challenging and I am really serious about having significant impact.
I’m thinking we will start small with maybe 3 or 4 folks and then build from there.
If you’ve ever wanted to do something spacial, something innovative, something truly epic in the service of black gay men, or more broadly in social justice….. I can offer you a platform. I can offer you a space. Dare to be innovative. Dare to be creative.  If you have ideas that you wanted to try out. Theories you wanted to work though. A talent that you haven’t been able to utilize, I offer you this space. I also offer you an opportunity to be a part of history. To be a part of this movement that we are going to build. Anyone thats ever worked with me knows that I do it big. And my expectations are nothing short of as the poet G. Winston James reminds us: “shattering the windows of heaven with diamonds.”
So I invite you to join this network. Trust me, its going to be major.
-Participation in monthly conference call
-Participation, as much as possible, in Counter Narrative programming (webinars, workshops, strategy calls, messaging meetings, etc)
Activities you might engage in as part of the Counter Narrative Network…
1) Serve on panels in workshops and webinars
2) Help craft statements and messaging for media (rapid response)
3) Do media interviews
STEP 1: Fill Out This Document
STEP 2: Chat with me
once you complete the form (Step 1), I will follow-up with you and we will chat one-on-one.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Take care.